Books 2016


One Summer Night by Emily Bold

25 February 2016 | e-book | 316pp | £4.99
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A love letter to life…

Living with her husband Tim and their two children in a beautiful house in Vermont, Lauren’s life is complete, so when the worst happens and she’s diagnosed with a brain tumour, she’s determined to fight it every step of the way. But as her condition worsens, Lauren feels increasingly powerless: even her most precious moments are overshadowed by pain. What if she could decide for herself when to die? As Lauren comes to realise, just as life is what you make of it – so is the way you leave it.

Over 380,000 copies sold in ebook in Germany


Emily Bold is an Internationally bestselling author who writes prolifically in both German and English, lives with her husband and their two daughters in Bavaria.



The Cleaner by Elisabeth Herrmann

24 March 2016 | e-book | 464pp | £4.99

A gripping crime thriller – an unforgettable heroine hides an unforgivable past

Signs of an agonisingly slow death, pools of blood, hands desperately searching for a hold – Judith Kepler has seen it all; she is a crime scene specialist, returning sites of unimaginable human violence to habitable spaces. She is a cleaner. Yet her impassivity is challenged when at the scene of a brutal murder she is suddenly confronted with her own past: the victim knew Judith’s secret – that as a child she was sent to an orphanage under mysterious circumstances, parentage unknown, the East German secret police ever-present. When Judith begins to ask questions, she becomes the target of some powerful enemies. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Over 87,000 copies sold


Elisabeth Herrmann is an exciting new voice in crime fiction. Her novels have captivated German readers since the publication of The Sitter in 2005 and have reached a broader audience with the subsequent adaptation into TV movies of The Sitter and The Cleaner. Elisabeth lives in Berlin with her daughter.


Cut by Marc Raabe

24 March 2016 | e-book | 464pp | £4.99


Fast and furious – a thrilling debut that will give you sleepless nights

A boy is witness to a horrible crime. Decades later, his girlfriend is kidnapped by a serial killer. To save her, he must return to the events of the past. But how can he remember when forgetting was the only way to survive?

Gabriel’s job as a security guard takes him to a derelict mansion in Berlin late one evening. The obscure scene there reminds him of the most terrible night of his life – the night his parents died. Soon after, he receives a desperate call. His pregnant girlfriend Liz is being attacked and cries for help. Gabriel alerts the police but they arrive too late; Liz has disappeared without a trace. The hunt for her turns into a frantic chase against time. The terrifying man from the past has returned and will not stop until Gabriel is completely destroyed.

Over 65,000 copies sold


Marc Raabe owns and runs a television production company and lives with his family in Cologne. Cut is his first thriller and was a German bestseller.



The Wages of Sin by Inge Löhnig

21 April 2016 | e-book | 432pp | £4.99

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The first title in the Dühnfort crime series

South of Munich: After a search lasting days, five-year-old Jakob is found on top of a pile of wood – naked, tied up, but alive and deeply disturbed. Soon after, his kindergarten teacher is discovered; the victim of a brutal, ritualistic murder. A scene of biblical sacrifice, a murder reminiscent of the Inquisition – the village is paralysed with fear. There is a sadistic killer in their midst, and it is up to Inspector Konstantin Dühnfort to find him.

Over 64,000 copies sold


Inge Löhnig won critical and popular acclaim in Germany with her bestselling Detective Konstantin Dühnfort crime series, which sold over 300,000 copies. Inge lives with her family near Munich.



The Apothecary’s Secret by Johanna Geiges

19 May 2016 | e-book | 400pp | £4.99


Germany during the middle ages

Germany during the Dark Ages: Anna is blessed with a remarkable ability to heal the sick and affl icted. Jewish Medicus Aaron recognises her natural abilities and takes her on as an apprentice. Anna rapidly gains a reputation far and wide as a miracle worker. But her methods of treating the sick and injured are far ahead of their time and soon she fi nds herself in mortal danger. The archbishop of Cologne brands her a witch but Anna refuses to renounce her calling, setting the stage for a fearsome struggle against a mighty enemy.


Johanna Geiges is an established author of screenplays for major television productions and devotes herself full-time to writing. She lives with her family in Bavaria.



Sacrifice by Hanna Winter

30 June 2016 | e-book | 368pp | £4.99
17 November 2016 | 198x129mm PB | 368pp | £8.99


He must kill her. Hunt her down. Destroy her…

In her very first case, criminal psychologist Lena Peters is confronted by a killer with a murderous vendetta. And though she is unaware, Lena will play a prominent role in his deadly mission. Lena knows what makes killers tick and all about obsession, for she has been close to the edge herself. But soon she will become the hunted.

Over 20,000 copies sold


Hanna Winter lives in New York and works as a freelance writer. Her first thriller, The Children’s Trail, was published in 2010 and became an instant bestseller.



How To Hook A Husband by Sarah Harvey

28 July 2016 | e-book | 352pp | £2.99

9781786580115BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR . . .

When Belle returns home from backpacking and catches her best friend’s groom-to-be with another girl, the wedding is cancelled.

Heartbroken but not defeated, ex-bride-to-be Nicky realises Belle has a talent for spotting eligible men. She puts her friend to work helping other women and soon Belle is hanging out in bars and hiding in bushes, on the hunt for unsuspecting Casanovas, and the two friends are having a ball.

When she is hired to follow the elusive Eddie Farrar everything changes. Belle soon finds herself falling under his spell. Will she be able to resist his charms, is he all he appears to be, or is there more to him than meets the eye?


Sarah Harvey is an internationally successful writer of fun, young romantic fiction. How to Hook a Husband is her first novel to be published by Manilla. Sarah lives with her partner and their dogs in Cornwall.



Heidelberg Requiem by Wolfgang Burger

18 August 2016 | e-book | 256pp | £2.99

9781786580139Most first days in a new job go well – some don’t . . .

Alexander Gerlach assumes that his promotion to Police Chief of Heidelberg will bring with it a quieter life. A widower and a single parent raising twin teenage daughters, Gerlach is slowly beginning to rediscover not only himself, but also the dating scene again.

On his first day in his new job, however, the body of a chemistry student is discovered, and what at first seems to be an open-and-shut case with a clear culprit quickly changes into something more complex. When another murder casts doubt on all previous assumptions, Gerlach must unravel the conspiracy, before it’s too late . . .


Wolfgang Burger is a bestselling author, whose Alexander Gerlach series of novels were twice nominated for the esteemed crime-writing award, the Friedrich Glauser Prize.



Silent Is The Forest by Gisa Klönne

22 September 2016 | e-book | 352pp | £2.99

9781786580108The silent forest hides many secrets . . .

When a badly decomposed body is discovered in a forest, Judith Krieger, a police detective from Cologne, is assigned to the case.

For years burdened by a terrible memory, Judith knows that this is her last chance to recover her famed abilities. Chain smoking and suffering from chronic fatigue, she gets started with the investigation. But Judith makes mistakes, and is forced to blur the boundaries between work and her own past.

With everything at stake – her job and even her identity – she has no choice but to solve this case, but is she still the cop she once was?


Gisa Klönne is the author of two bestselling, award-winning and critically acclaimed crime series, featuring superintendents Judith Krieger and Manni Korzilius. Silent is the Forest was nominated for a prestigious Friedrich Glauser Crime Writing Award, while Night Without Shadows won in 2009 for best novel.



Delete by Karl Olsberg

25 October 2016 | e-book | 464pp | £2.99

9781786580092A dangerous game – or a murderous reality?

For role-playing gamers like Mina and Thomas, reality can blur when you spend too much time online. But when Thomas disappears, not only from the virtual world but also from real life, Mina sets out to search for him. When she discovers that other Berliners have gone missing, all of them participants in the same game, she worries that she will be next.

Chief Inspector Eisenberg heads up a team that is supposed to track and prevent potential terrorists. But identifying suspects via pattern recognition doesn’t help – you can’t arrest someone before a crime has been committed. Faced with uniting a brilliant but unruly team made up of hackers and coders, Eisenberg is drawn into the puzzle of the missing gamers – all of whom had the same in-game experience immediately before they disappeared.

Will Eisenberg and his team be able to unravel the truth from the fiction before it’s too late?


Karl Olsberg has been writing for over a decade and has a doctorate in artificial intelligence. He works as a business consultant and author and lives with his wife and three sons in Hamburg. His 2007 published debut The Systembecame an instant bestseller.



Field of Girls by Martin Krist

17 November 2016 | e-book | 400pp | £2.99

9781786580122She is young. She is beautiful. And no one heard her cry.

Three years ago, Alex Lindner was the investigating police officer in a series of murders committed by ‘the beasts’, as the media dubbed the killers. When a young colleague was killed during the investigation he resigned from his post and now lives a quiet life in a small village. But when another girl disappears, Alex is convinced that the beasts have returned.

Obsessed with bringing them to justice, Alex determines to finally track them down, even if it means putting his own life in danger . . .


Martin Krist worked as a senior editor at various magazines, before turning to writing full-time. He lives in Berlin.